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1.活动的策划; 2.教室的布置;

3.活动的内容; 4.你的感想。






Ms. Li, our English teacher, must have found it strange on Teachers’ Day; she did not receive a single greeting card from us students. She would have never thought a complete surprise was waiting for her.

As Teachers’ Day was approaching, our class decided to hold a party to celebrate the important day for a change this year. On the afternoon of September 10,some of us decorated our classroom with paper flowers and balloons, and others went to buy cakes, drinks and fruits. The blackboard was decorated with beautiful words, which read “Happy Teachers’ Day!”

Entering the classroom, Ms. Li was surprised to find we were standing in line, clapping hands and saying loudly “Happy Teachers’ Day!” Wang Hua, our monitor, presented her with the prepared flowers. Some of the girls sang songs for Ms. Li, and three boys showed their Gongfu talent. Before we left, we enjoyed a new English song by Ms. Li. Ms. Li spent a wonderful time with us, but we know that we cannot thank her enough for all her hard work and guidance.



2012高考英语陕西卷完形填空翻译 要全文哦*

【2012陕西卷】 阅读下面短文,从短文后各题的A、B、C、D四个选项中,选出适合填入对应空白处的最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该选项涂黑。

One sunny afternoon, a seven-year-old girl went for a walk. She crossed a large area of grassland into the woods __26__ she realized that she was lost.Sitting on a rock and __27__ what to do, she began crying. After a while. She__28__ to walk along a wide path lined with tall trees and thick bushes. __29__ it was getting dark, she saw a small, dark wooden house. She opened the door and __30__ stepped in. Suddenly, she heard a strange noise, and she ran out the door and back to the __31__. Cold and tired, she fell asleep near a __32__.The girl's parents were out and her dog, Laddy, was at home. Laddy __33__ that his mistrees(女主人)was in danger. He jumped __34__ a window, breaking the glass. He looked in the fields. But he couldn't find his mistress anywhere. However, from the ground came a __35__ scent (气味) as he lowered his head. He __36__ the scent and walked across the grassland. Barking __37__ into the air, the dog __38__ through the woods until he found the __39__ . But the girl was not there, so he headed back to the woods. Much to his __40__ , he saw his mistress' blue shirt in the distance. He __41__ over some bushes and saw the little stream, where the girl was __42__.When she opened her eyes and 43 her dog standing beside her, the girl said, “you 44 me, Laddy,” and she kissed him several times. Seeing their daughter and dog coming back, the parents burst into tears of 45 . That night Laddy had a heror's supper: a huge meal of steak26. A. before B. since C. while D. as27. A. wondering B. forgetting C. remembering D. regretting28. A. preferred B. expected C. failed D. decided29. A. When B. Until C. If D. Because30. A. carelessly B. cautiously C. hopelessly D. unwillingly31. A. trees B. bushes C. woods D. grasses32. A. stream B. rock C. tree D. house33. A. found B. sensed C. heard D. smelt34. A. at B. through C. in D. onto35. A. terrible B. strange C. pleasant D. familiar36. A. missed B. discovered C. followed D. ignored37. A. calmly B. loudly C. merrily D. gently38. A. searched B. wandered C. looked D. travelled39. A.window B. girl C. house D. hero40. A. satisfaction B. disappointment C. embarrassment D. delight41. A. jumped B. climbed C. walked D. flew42. A. awake B. abandoned C. available D. asleep43. A. spotted B. watched C. observed D. saw44. A. disturbed B. comforted C. rescued D. scared45. A. pain B. shock C. sorrow D.relief 【要点综述】一个阳关明媚的下午,一位小姑娘来到树林里散步,走着走着她迷路了,途中她到过一个奇怪的小屋,但被所听到的声音吓得跑了出来,她继续向前走,直到最后,小姑娘又冷又饿,卧倒在一条小溪边。



I went to the zoo with my friends last Sunday.It was hot and sunny that day.It took us about two hours to get there by bus.There were thousands of people in the zoo.We saw lots of animals,such as,pandas,kangaroos,polar bears,gifaffes,elephants,tigers,wolves,snakes and so on.We also saw the elephant show.The elephants were so clever that they could do lots of things like us.At noon we had a picnic in the zoo.And then we thew the rubbish into the dustbin.We didn't go home until 5:00 in the afternoon.




Hi,everyone,I'm 17 years old and I amging to university this autumn.But my mother continues to treat me as a seven-year-old.What should I do?写作要点:1. 告诉Grown-up要理解母亲 2. 给Grown-up提出解决问题的具体建议要求:1. 短文须写在答题卡指定区域 2. 短文字数不少于80(不含写好的部分)3. 内容充实,结构完整,语意连贯 4. 书写清晰、工整例文:I think that Lora wants to work part-time for these reasons. First, she can make some pocket money to meet pet daily needs and thus develop a sense of independence. Second. she can learn how to deal with various problems in the workplace. Third, she can build up new friendships and improve bet social skills.But her parents may regard learning as an increasingly important task for Lora. This holiday should be a catch-up time for independent study. Besides, personal safety may also be one of their major considerations.My advice for Lora is this: make a detailed plan for her study and work; ask her friends to work together with her, and tell her parents that she can manage things properly. I wish Lora a pleasant summer.


2018年高考语文考试已经结束,以下为2018年全国卷II高考作文题 (适用地区:甘肃、青海、内蒙古、黑龙江、吉林、辽宁、宁夏、新疆、陕西、重庆、海南) 。









题目:假如你是大学一年级新生李华,开学之初,你的英语老师Mr Li希望了解每位同学的英语学习情况下,并征求教学建议。

按以下要求写作:1. 对英语学习的认识;2. 目前的英语水平; 3. 自己的主要问题;4. 对英语教学的两个意见。

参考答案(范文):Dear Ms Li,I am very happy to have you as our English teacher.As the world is becoming a global village, English is getting more and more important, so mastering English means we can see the world through a new window.My English is OK and the two main problems in my study are that I feel it difficult to learn words by heart, and that I often feel nervous when speaking English. I really hope that you can give me good advice on how to memorize new words. Another suggestion is to give us more chances to practice speaking. I believe we can make much progress in English with your help.Thank you!Li Hua


教学目标:1、训练学生如何观察生活 2、什么是作文的选材 3、掌握选材应注意的一些原则及方法; 4、校园生活作文选材训练。

教学重难点: 掌握怎样从校园生活中选材。

教学时数: 课时课前准备: 搜集素材,用相机抓拍一些校园生活的花絮;精选学生自己的优秀习作,做 文字的润色和修改。

教学过程: 一、情境导入:一提起写作文,许多同学就感到头痛,提起笔望着题目发呆,总觉得无话可 说。

平时有些同学聊天谈论学校生活时,眉飞色舞、滔滔不绝,到这时候也开始 犯难了。


上联:苦坐苦想苦不堪言 下联:愁纲愁情愁眉苦脸 横批:写不出来 但是班里一些作文写得好的同学,拿到作文题目总是思如泉涌,有写不完的 新鲜事。


他们的作文成 功的秘诀在哪里呢?我想,首先一点有一双慧眼,有一颗敏感的心,善于观察和 感悟生活,并从中选择贴切的材料,表达我们阳光向上的人生志向和情趣。

今天 我们一起研究探讨作文应如何选材。

(课件展示)从生活中找“米”――校园生活作文选材训练 什么是选材: 蜜蜂采花酿蜜,首先是能够发现鲜花,唐代诗人罗隐咏蜜蜂的诗句有“不论 平地与高山,无限风光尽被占”,要远远近近、大大小小的花都能感受到才行; 其次,不是所有的花都能酿蜜,只有精心挑选、精心酿制,才有甘甜可口的蜂蜜。


二、校园生活花絮 老师活动: 讲述:作文的素材应来自于生活,要学会从生活中去寻找,对同学们来说, 最丰富多彩的莫过于校园生活了。

大家来到中学已经半年了,亲身经历、耳闻目 睹的大大小小的事情应该不少了。

下面我们就一起来回顾一下半年来的校园生 学生活动:请几位同学说一说校园生活[老师]同学们都注意到了校园内发生的一些像军训、运动会、圣诞节这样的集体 活动,说得很好。

老师用相机也抓拍了校园生活中的一些花絮,大家一起来欣赏 一下吧。

[课件播放校园生活照片:校园里:如为一位患癌症的职工捐款、中午食堂、 游泳馆、艺术宫,班级生活:如值日、老师进班、为班级班费收集瓶子等] [教师] 我们的校园生活是多彩的,有趣的同学、尽职的老师、生动的课堂、 花样繁多的选修课、热闹的文体活动、美味的食堂,有这么多丰富的素材,你还 怕写不出好作文吗? 三、精彩佳作展示 上周我们的作文是:“校园生活”要求写一篇记叙文。

有不少同学写得非常 好。

下面给大家展示一下几位同学的作文及片断,看看他们在选材上有什么特 点?我请作者把它朗读一遍,然后谈谈他们自己选材的心得。


教学过程: 一、指导学生进行构思并打腹稿、列提纲。


及时对学生的问 题进行指导解答。





五、组织学生以三到五人为一组,互相交换阅读平息本族成员的习作,提出 意见和建议,并指定专人将同学们的发言记录下来。

六、各小组负责纪录的同学向全班汇报本组交流的情况,并推荐出本组优秀 习作,由作者本人朗读给全班同学,大家共同进行评价。

进一步推选出最佳作文 七、对最佳作文的作者进行表扬。


附:教学范文 傻妞的幸福生活 在1990 年的春天,一个胖乎乎的小丫头在一个平凡的小镇上出生了,这便 是我们可爱的傻妞小姐。

傻妞的爹妈见到新生的女儿欢喜的不得了,给她取了个 名叫“琪乐”,意思是希望女儿长得如花似玉并且幸福快乐一辈子。

人如其名,小时侯的傻妞便是家属大院中的开心果,不论谁见到她,都会被 她的快乐所感染。

傻妞嘴巴很甜,像沾上了蜜似的,难怪有好多人都宠着她呢! 正因为这样,傻妞才整天嘻嘻哈哈,蹦蹦跳跳的带着一帮小家伙满家属大院的乱 从小傻妞就像个小子似的,疯起来找不着影,心思也从未放在学习上,至使她老是不上不下的,惹得爹妈在那吹胡子瞪眼,硬是把她锁在家里,成绩才有了 一点点上升。


记得在傻妞七八岁时, 爹妈为了能让她更好的学骑自行车特地买了辆“好孩子”牌的自行车。

新车拿到 手时,傻妞甭提有多高兴了,立马推出来与小伙伴们分享,看得小伙伴们眼红极 了,纷纷回家向他们的爹妈要自行车。

于是乎,第二天一个个都推着新车出来要 玩,还在院子里开展了骑车大赛,纵观所有选手,只有傻妞骑得像模像样。

正当 傻妞神气十足的时候发生了一起“交通事故”——咱可爱的傻妞小姐连人带车的 翻进旁边的阴沟中,人没怎么受伤但把车蹭得花花绿绿的,还有一个刹车给摔坏 了。

这可把傻妞急的像热锅上的蚂蚁,于是我们的傻妞一直躲在小伙伴的家中不 敢回家,直到天黑了,爹妈找来了才...